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Our Handmade Artisan Soaps & other bath products are crafted with simple gentle ingredients.  We strive to make quality products in small batches to ensure that every item is to our standards.  We have a variety of bath products and soaps that will fit everyones need.



Our Story

In our home city of Austin MN, The Sudsy Squirrel has been created. As a mom of three children with sensitive skin it has been an on going battle with chemicals and additives in store bought soap. So we decided it was time we learned how to make our own! As we grow our business, we take pride in remaining committed to our original promise of developing  our soaps with natural plants, minerals and oils. We know that what is good for you must also be good for the earth.

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Crafted with Care

It’s a given that what we put in our bodies affects our health. At The Sudsy Squirrel, we believe that what we put in our homes and other intimate spaces is just as important. Our products are an integral part of your holistic wellness experience.

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