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Magnesium Whipped Tallow Body Butter

Magnesium Whipped Tallow Body Butter

This 8 oz Magnesium Tallow Body Butter is a smooth and luxurious balm to help soothe skin, calm muscles, and may help with sleep. It is made up of Grass Fed Local Tallow, Calendula and Lavender infused Olive Oil, magnesium chloride and stress relief bled pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Magnesium is one mineral that most people are lacking. Magnesium is highly absorbable when used topically making it an efficient means of obtaining more beneficial magnesium as needed.

The one difference between this body butter and my original tallow is it will be applied in small amounts not as a moisturizer. It can be applied to the legs or feet at night to help with sleep and/or muscle cramps.

Please don't mistake any of that description for medical advice.

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