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Whipped Tallow Sugar Scrub 8oz

Whipped Tallow Sugar Scrub 8oz

Our whipped tallow sugar scrub helps to maintain beautiful, moisturized skin while providing gentle exfoliation.

Our whipped tallow sugar scrub is made with Tallow, Extra Virgin Olive oil and Organic Raw Cane Sugar and fragrance oils. This scrub is full of natural fats and minerals. Tallow is packed with vitamins, minerals and choline that skin loves.

Replace toxic skin creams with real nourishment! This deeply nourishing whipped tallow face cream is loaded with all the good things! Formulated for all skin types, this rich, non-greasy daily moisturizer combats dryness, loss of firmness and environmental damage. This face cream is packed with a healthy dose of antioxidants and vital nutrients. Say hello to glowing skin! Say goodbye to toxic and synthetic ingredients.

Tallow is simply rendered fat from a cow. It is intensely moisturizing, healing and replenishes the skin’s natural elasticity that decreases with age. I love that it is 100% natural, won’t clog your pores, and doesn’t leave that greasy feel after it is applied. Just long-lasting, soft silky-smooth skin all day long.

The fat in tallow actually creates a protective barrier on the skin locking in moisture, yet still allowing the skin to breathe. This cream really works, and it is my go-to for the softest skin imaginable

We recommend that you store in a cool place to prevent melting of the body scrub. Our sugar scrub can cause slippery surfaces so we do recommend using cation and cleaning bath/shower surfaces after use.

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